MOGUL Crews Accelerator

Massive Business & Personal Growth

Designed to push entrepreneurs into their next phase of growth with a peer-to-peer mastermind group combined with a one-on-one mentorship program.

Now more than ever, there is a real opportunity for us to collaborate and empower each other.

No matter what happens, your crew and your mentor will always have your back.

Be accountable to a group of like-minded people, and work directly with an expert mentor in this 3-month fast tracked program.

What is the Accelerator?

The MOGUL Crews Accelerator is designed to provide you with the right support system to transform you and your business, and ultimately increase your confidence, productivity, connections and business growth.

Created for early stage entrepreneurs (10 years or less running their own business), the accelerator is designed for business leaders who are on a path to massive success, and are looking for a program that holds them accountable to reach their goals. This unique peer-to-peer mastermind, combined with one-on-one mentorship, motivates leaders to generate new business ideas, gain new perspectives, and the advice needed to unlock future success



Why a Mastermind?

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. Why go at it alone, when you can have like-minded individuals around you to guide you on the right path?

Masterminds provide a safe space to share ideas, struggles, and set goals. With the opportunity to connect weekly and collaborate with crew members, you'll have the support system you need to push your business to the next level.

Why a Mentor?

“In a 2013 research study by Sage, 93% of startups admit that mentorship is instrumental to success.”

With an expert mentor on your side, you’ll have one of the most powerful assets in business - someone who is invested in you, and your success. A mentor will help you stay focused on your goals, and hold you accountable to your vision, for yourself and your company.


Why This Program Is Different:


We care about turning you into an incredible leader. This is about building YOU into the best version of yourself, to serve your company, your community, and the world.


This is a holistic experience where participants benefit not only from the guidance of a mentor, but the connections, resources and accountability that comes with being a part of a mastermind.


Get DIRECT access to top MOGULS, experience real interactions with leaders, and finally discover the answers you’ve been searching for.

Program Structure


  • Meet weekly with an intimate crew of like-minded leaders
  • Virtual calls, 3 months, 1.5 hour weekly sessions
  • Each crew member will have the opportunity to host and guide sessions
  • Learn how to properly set goals
  • Real-time goal setting and accountability to hit goals
  • Gain valuable new connections through our Business Connections program
  • Each session is facilitated by our weekly handbook, The MOGUL Master Guide

This 3-month program has 2 phases - Mastermind and Mentorship.

Both phases coincide for a fast-tracked program curated with your super growth in mind.


  • Entrepreneurs are matched accordingly to an experienced MOGUL Mentor for one-to-one mentoring sessions based on industry, goals, and interests
  • Meet bi-weekly with your mentor. Two hours per month (total of 6 one-on-one sessions)
  • Be encouraged and empowered in business, and personal development
  • Get out of your head, and into success with a mentor by your side.

Want to progress within your career, find motivation to succeed, and develop a bigger network?

Then it is time to join the MOGULS CREWS Accelerator

What YOU will get out of it


  • Get fresh perspectives on your vision, and your company
  • Crew of like-minded go-getters to be accountable each week
  • Long-term support and relationships
  • New connections and leads (through weekly connection building)
  • A soundboard for your ideas, struggles, and strategies
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Improve your productivity
  • Build your confidence and speaking skills
  • Create meaningful relationships with like-minded people who will become your cheerleaders, and unofficial advisory board


  • A mentor helps you become more empowered to make better decisions
  • Breakthroughs on how to drive your business forward
  • A person that is cheering for you, and wants to see you succeed
  • Having access to a senior role-model
  • Gain more clarity on your business, generate ideas, and get out of your head
  • Improve your self confidence, and validate your ideas
  • Gain access to your mentor’s network of resources
  • Tap into your mentor’s network of people who can support your business

Who Can Apply?

The Accelerator is exclusive to MOGUL Members.
JOIN NOW and gain other incredible perks like these.



Annual Membership

*Plans are billed annually and exclusive of taxes.



6-Month Membership

Our STARTER Membership plan is NOW CLOSED and will be re-opening with limited spots on July 1st, 2021.
*Plans are billed annually and exclusive of taxes.

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Annual Membership

*Plans are billed annually and exclusive of taxes.


Our Mentors

Our roster of mentors have 15+ years of business experience, and are experts in their respective fields. Each of these industry leaders possesses an eagerness to invest in others.

They have been carefully selected to provide new perspectives, and transfer their knowledge to the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

Become a Mentor

We’re looking for entrepreneurs and business leaders to share their knowledge and experience with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Mentoring with City MOGULS could be the most rewarding decision you make.

Criteria to Become a Mentor

  • 15+ years running your own business
  • Expert in your industry
  • Must be able to commit to 6 months, 2 hrs per month (3 months fall, 3 months spring)
  • Experience as a mentor is an asset
  • Must have great communications skills, be willing to share your knowledge, connections and resources
  • A positive influence on a young entrepreneur